Permitted development rights were exploited in the design of this existing Edwardian terrace house, allowing for a modest roof extension that now houses a master bedroom suite.

The aim was for the room to feel like a high class hotel room, providing a strong contrast with the rest of the house. While the room remains chic, common pitfalls of hotel design were avoided: clean lines are maintained by concealing the bathroom entrance behind a secret door in a lacquered wall, while the television was integrated into the wall, ensuring that outward views remained the focus of the room.

Full height glazing maximises daylight and views out, and retracts into a cleverly-designed pocket in the cladding shell to open onto a clear glass Juliet balcony.

In the bathroom, a large roof light was installed to maximise daylight levels and increase the perceived size of the room while ensuring privacy.

Shortlisted for ‚Best Home’ in the NLA Don’t Move, Improve! Awards 2013




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N14 6QP

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